lunedì 15 ottobre 2007


Hi everyone :)

I'm Mery, I'm an italian girl an I'm 26. I live in a little town near Sicily. I love swap... But I have never participated in an international swap ... That's why I decided to enroll at Gimme your stuff!

I like:
- bags
- Jewels
- Typical cultural objects
- Typical food
- blue
- ladybird
- The strawberry creams perfumes
- Hello Kitty and Sanrio accessories for camera cellular i-pod
- ball with snow
- angels
- from refrigerator magnets
- music
- photography
- everything that is creativoi so creative materials (felt, pannolenci, submersible, cernit)
- sweets (candies ecc..)
- books Coelho and Gibran
- stationery and stickers
- coloured socks

I would not like to receive:
- jewels tarina tarantino style
- hair accessories
- dress and make-up stuff
-stuff with zombies/vampires/skeletons/pirates/pin-up
-exotic/esoteric books and objects

I offer:
- Italian food
- Handmade stuff
- Souvenir of Sicily... Italy
-Post cards and book of my country
- Italian magazines
- Make-up stuff
and…what you want and my friendship! :)

Leave a comment if you want to swap with me!

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Nikki ha detto...

My name is Nikki and i am fron australia and i would love to do a swap with you. If you are interested leave me a message at

bijus da Margarida ha detto...

I saw your ost at and love swap with you.

kisekino ha detto...

hi! I'm from Singapore and would love to swap with you!
you can find me at

kisekino ha detto...

hi! added u using the same email you used to leave a comment on my blog!
however i seldom come online nowadays.. maybe u would like to email me at kisekino at gmail dot com? thanks!

Caffeaulait ha detto...
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Céline ha detto...

Hi ^^
You came to my blog to do a swap with me but as I moved in a new flat I hadn't internet for a while! Actually I'd like to swap with you! If you're still interested, just send me an email to
If you don't remember of me, it's
Hope to hear from you ^^

Céline from Belgium

J ha detto...

I was wondering if you're still up for swapping. I'm Jahnavi from India. I've just joined 'Gimme Your Stuff' and would love to swap with you!
Here's my list @

Do e-mail me @ if you're interested. Hope to hear from you soon!